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Interests of Demo Casino Online?

The advantage of online gambling sites is the demo mode, called in the jargon fun play or play money.

The online casino with demo play is popular with casino players, who use it to practice before betting their real money. And online gaming software knows it. This is why their free version titles look so paid!

When you have already played free casino games, you may indeed have some surprises when it comes to real money bets. Indeed, great doubts arise as to the payout of free play games compared to that of the real money version.

However, free games are still essential when you want to play just for fun and don't want to risk your money. But you should know that playing for free is not just for testing your skills and discovering new games.

Online Casino Demo Slots

The real benefit of free play is the ability to optimize your next real money gaming sessions. And by that we mean to extensively test the game to draw winning strategies.

For example, playing free slots is a must for connoisseurs. Indeed, this allows them to test the frequency of winning combinations. Or see the impact of changing bets on triggering bonus features. But also to compare the theoretical redistribution rate with the current RTP of their sessions.

The rather different experiment often pays off in the long run, and the idea is extremely appealing. Casino game developers are well aware of this. And are even suspected of adjusting the rate of return to the player of a game in free version.

Nothing has ever been proven that the free version of the games will be trafficked to make them more profitable.

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